Thursday, December 10, 2009


Hi Friends

I am going on vacation for a month. I will miss you all very much.
Wish you and your family Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Friday, December 4, 2009


Magnetic Island is situated just offshore from the city of Townsville. The island is accessible from Townsville to Nelly Bay by ferry operated by Sunferries. There is a large 27 km national park and bird sanctuary and excellent walking tracks can be taken between the populated bays and to a number of tourist destinations such as the World War II forts.

The name of the island came about because of the apparent "magnetic" effect it had on the ship's compass of Captain Cook as he passed the island when sailing up the east coast of Australia in 1770

People have since explored the general area of Magnetic Island with various instruments to discover what might have caused the effect that Cook reported, but nothing has been discovered.

One of the most distinctive inhabitants of Magnetic Island is the native bush stone-curlew - a bird with a piercing cry which has awakened many a visitor in the night when they are most active. Koalas are relatively common on the island and can easily be found on the famous Forts Walk.

The island has long become established as a holiday destination with many hotels and several resorts in operation to cater for all levels of service.

Picnic Bay was named after its popularity as a picnic spot for European tourists from the mainland during the 1800s, before Magnetic Island was first inhabited by Europeans. In the mid-1800s the island became a popular location for the collection of hoop pine, stone and coral needed for development on the mainland.

In 1875 the island was set aside as a quarantine station although it took another ten years for the proper facilities to be set up at West Point.

Nelly Bay is a village of Magnetic Island and a suburb of the City of Townsville. A tourism hub on the island is especially significant as the site of the ferry terminal, which links it to Townsville.

Nelly Bay is also home to Magnetic Island's largest infrastructure development, Magnetic Harbour, also known as Nelly Bay Harbour.

Arcadia is a village and town of Magnetic Island. Arcadia is more residential focused with around 97% of the dwellings being Housing or unit type dwellings. Arcadia is also home to Alma Bay and Geoffrey Bay, which is the Island's most well known beaches. Horseshoe Bay is a village on Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia. It is considered the tourist strip of the island. From September 2006, Horseshoe Bay is also a major accommodation and recreation centre of Magnetic Island. People enjoy by swimming, surfing and boating.

Magnetic Island is a very popular tourist place in Townsville. It is the perfect destination for relaxing on the beach and staying in exotic resorts. I have been there thrice and still feel like visiting the island again. About 3,000 people are residing in Magnetic Island and it is like a small township where everything is available. It is one of my favourite place and shall visit again when time permits.