Monday, June 15, 2009


It is quite interesting to observe that despite an aggressive growth in electronic media and the availability of different kinds of e-learning facilities, more and more people are attracted to the practice of reading printed materials.

Print media will continue to thrive despite the challenge of e-papers.

In my opinion, reading of printed material gives us the natural way of learning and enjoyment, by all means.

Reading is a nature. It has the power of conversation, eagerness and more than that, the best way to spend our valuable time.

In the recent past, the Harry Potter books were demanding ones among the children
. It shows how much the kids were embraced to the habit of reading. This trend has helped to develop a continuous reading habit among youngsters, especially school-going children, I believe. Not only that, the demand for Harry Potter books was also a key evidence to show how books have become friends to many children throughout the world. Books are also true teachers to learn and behave as well.

Obviously, it is very important to develop a reading habit among the children, perhaps right from the very beginning of their joining school. The habit of reading would help children to enhance their understanding power and feelings. Even reading some of the categorized books help them to develop creativity and resulting vibrant responses. Book reading also help to enhance memory power and children tend to retain their interesting subjects well secured in the backup memory.

There are encyclopedias available exclusively written to benefit the children
. Reading encyclopedias gives multiple outputs, especially for the younger generation. Perhaps reading of encyclopedia would also help developing a life-long reading habit among children. The habit of reading is like listening to our own pace.

We should encourage the children to read newspapers and periodicals regularly, which will help them reduce their time, spend on video-games and watching television programmes, which do not give them enough in return. They should feel that the habit of reading is a wonderful hobby and an inspiring experience in the school of learning. Reading newspaper is one of the best ways to understand the world and the language as well. It gives immense pleasure and excitement as we flip through the pages. Of course the type of books we read depends on one’s attitude and personality.

Books are also an ideal travel companion. Reading of a good book whilst travelling is one of the best hobbies, I would say. It helps to understand the value of time and to know how to make use of it at its best.

Knowledge is an endless topic, and reading is one of the best ways to enhance the power of knowledge; so there should be no full-stop to the habit of reading as reading helps to grow well.

It is an acceptable fact that the demand for print media is on the rise in recent times, which is a positive sign of attracting more people to the habit of reading. There are many free publications available in the market today and plenty to read as well.

There is nothing better than holding a newspaper with its smell of newsprint and reading it


M VERMA said...

Reading is essential for writing also. If we read then we can write. Reading gives us a broad platform for our emotions and thinking. You are very right that books are our best companion.
Very good post.
Thanks a lot.

Nona said...

I agree with your viewpoints on reading. Reading enhances our imagination and creativity. But I'm not sure about the printing medium with the digital reader "Kindle". Although I have not used it, many are wary on the future of reading.

Unseen Rajasthan said...

This is really very necessary for the self development!! It really increases the capacity of thinking and innovation !! Great post..Really Nice one..Thanks for sharing...

Anonymous said...

Books are our best friends..So true...Kids should read more books depending on the category they are in. I would love to see my kids read good literature to enhance their language, or fiction to stir up their imagination.But I'd think twice before handing over the newspaper to my kids. Too much GENERAL crap can be a problem. :-)

Vamshi Krishna A said...

I wasnt expecting my views to get matched here. Good post Babli. Keep posting. Good luck.

GAURAV said...

i cant emagine life without reading

Nazish Rahman said...

i totally agree with far as i m concerned i come from that school of thought that books cannot b replaced with e books. e books to me r backups and i hav never been comfortable with it. Ya may b todays kids who r used to reading on comp can be comfortable with it!!

nice post

Nazish Rahman said...
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nituscorner said...

Personally for me no matter how fast the electronic medium grows nothing can replace the joy of reading the print...books are a man's best friend i feel.