Wednesday, January 4, 2012


The Green Bridge of Wales, in Pembrokeshire, was formed through the natural erosion of limestone, of which the arch is made. It’s the largest natural arch in Wales and one of the biggest in the world, to boot. Due to coastal erosion and waves, eventually it will collapse.

Visitors can reach this feature by means of the Pembrokeshire coastal path, near Bosherston, an easy grass path which leads to a viewing platform. The 186 mile (299km) coastal Path meanders on through some of the most ruggedly picturesque scenery in the world, with outstanding views of charming in-lets leading peaceful golden beaches, mysterious smugglers caves and other natural formations shaped by time and tide.


Rajesh Kumari said...

its beautifull.


have seen it in so many movies :D


didnt know it is in wales..thanks for the pics :)

ur blog rocks!!!

MiniBinoy said...

Amazing shots Urmi:).. wish you and family a very happy n prosperous new year!

SweetMelody said...

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R Sudhir Kumar said...

AWESOME! SO SAD IT WILL COLLAPSE ONE DAY. but the all good thing come to an end

Rakesh Kumar said...

Urmi ji,your post has given me the opportunity to visit the Green
Bridge of Wales.Your nice description and beautiful pictures
are more than sufficient to know
this unique place.

Many many thanks to you.

SweetMelody said...

Thank you very much for your comment
I hope you is well! I light a small cold, but it is the season, it is not too cold here, just 5 to 10 ° c but much wet, I envy you with your sun but the planet is well with the inversion the seasons
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Vetrimagal said...

Lovely pictures Urmi. No wonder , poetry flowed through those English writers. I am imagining how it would be to sit on those rocks and hear the waves, in the evenings.

Rajesh said...

Beautiful wonder of the world.

SweetMelody said...

Hello Urmi!
Thank you very much for your comment
the pictures are beautiful!
I wish you a very pleasant day especially since it is the w-end, the rest does not hurt

diane b said...

That sure is a big natural arch. It is sad to think it will collapse one day. A walk along that path would be rewarding if not freezing.

G.N.SHAW said...

Naturally, automatically created this . ! Not feel! Yet it is amazing! How does you collecting these picture ? Congratulations

kalaiselvisblog said...

very nice view buddy...
thanks 4 sharing such a beautiful shot 2 us....

Jeevan said...

That's marvelous babli! Hope it stands at utmost strength.

SweetMelody said...

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Anonymous said...

created by nature...


P.N. Subramanian said...

Beautiful captures. The photographs seems to have been taken in different seasons.

SweetMelody said...

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Rahul Bhatia said...

Very nice visuals! Thanks for sharing Urmi!

SweetMelody said...

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SweetMelody said...

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SweetMelody said...

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BK Chowla, said...

Beautiful pictures.You are so lucky that you have access to this beauty

sangita said...

AWESOME! SO SAD IT WILL COLLAPSE ONE DAY. but the all good thing come to an end.............