Wednesday, May 20, 2009


In the year 2007, my husband got job in Middle East and I was thrilled to see new places as it was my first visit outside India. We love pets very much but were not sure as how long we will stay in the country so could not decide whether to keep any pets at home or not.

It was on 18th Nov, my Marriage Anniversary, we planned to go for shopping and then for a lovely dinner at the best restaurant.When we entered the shopping mall, all of a sudden we had a glance at the pet shop and decided to have a look. When we entered the shop, we were charmed to see the pure white little birds with red beak swinging happily in the cage. There were two Java birds – male and female which is very rare to see. We both liked them very much. Though there were various types of birds of different species as well as puppies but we were touched by the white Java birds.

We asked the shop owner to arrange for a white cage and then we took the sweet little white birds in our home. The birds were very quiet as it was a new place for them but they soon got acclimatized with the new environment. I kept the names of the birds – Chuku and Chinku. They became familiar with the names. Whenever I used to call them Chuku and Chinku both of them responded by making sound. We both were very happy as our home was full of life because of Chuku and Chinku.

Being 18th Nov a special day but bringing the Java birds it became extra special and the happiest day of my life. I cherished each and every moment spent with Chuku and Chinku and they are still in my heart.


Ganesh Prasad said...

इससे आपके pets के प्रति प्यार दीखता है.! मुबारक

Tan said...

I personally do not like to keep birds caged! However, the love for the same would surely provide more warmth than the free nature - keep loving - it always gives :)

निर्झर'नीर said...

mera baag hai aam ka ..bahot panchii rahte hai tarah-tarh ke ..mai aksar mor or koyal ke kartab dekhta hun..i love watching birds but not in caged