Thursday, May 7, 2009

Earlier, I was not fond of pets. Especially I was scared of dogs. But I still remember the day when I became fond of dogs and that incident still flashes in front of my eye.

It was in the year 2001, after completion of my Master degree, I got job at Delhi. I stayed with my best friend in a flat. We worked in the same company and our office was very near. One day we reached home very late as we were stranded in traffic. We took dinner and slept. In midnight, I heard a voice as if
somebody is crying. Due to fear I did not get up from the bed. My friend also heard, got up immediately and ran towards the door.

I was astonished to see a sweet little white puppy in my friend’s arms. The puppy was sitting near our door and was crying. I poured milk in a tumbler and gave it to the sweet puppy. The puppy started drinking and finished it off within a few minutes. We realized that the puppy was crying because he was feeling hungry. It was a very cute white puppy and looked like a snowball. We kept his name “Snowy”. Snowy used to sleep with me and I became his very good friend. When I used to come back from office, he would jump on me and play with me. My friend, Snowy and I used to go for walking together. We felt very much secured as Snowy was with us and we enjoyed very much.

Snowy is still in my house in India and my parents are taking care of him. I miss Snowy a lot and waiting anxiously to see him soon.


मुकेश कुमार तिवारी said...

Urmi Ji,

Indeed pets are like that. Snowvy in your case and Jackie in mine. Our Jackie(Pl don't take it like am making it superior) now no more but, We still feel it is there some where in our Home waiting / woving for.

Good one.

Mukesh Kumar Tiwari

Nirmla Kapila said...

snowy me be missing you too dogs never forget their masters

VisH said...

hummm naya blog nayi thought badiya actuallly it is wahooooooo nice dogy yaar??

keep it up...if u came at india tell me...i like to meet u

Nanigopal said...

Durdharsho.Amra australia na giye o chokher samne dekhte pachchhi sab.
Tomra kemon achho.Sanjoy aar tomar janyo khub chinta hoy.Please stay safely.Always take some care.
Bhalo theko.
Hariye jaoya kono Dada(Bolechhile)

Anonymous said...

Wow. He showed up at your door just like that!?! Wish I were that lucky!:)
Very sweet dog but:)