Wednesday, May 13, 2009


On 2nd July’08, I landed in Townsville, my first visit in the beautiful country Australia. I was mesmerized by the charismatic beauty of Townsville. The neat and clean wide roads with greenery all around touched my heart deeply.
I observed that the traffic rules and regulations are maintained in a very systematic manner. There are renowned hospitals where the patients are treated with utmost care rendering the best service to them. The variety of colourful flowers with sweet fragrance is one of the main attractions found all around the city especially on the side of the road, decorated very artistically. I have found that the people in Townsville are very friendly nature and also very helpful. I am moved and spellbound to see how nicely everything has been maintained. As I am staying in Townsville which is the capital of North Queensland, I have covered the places more than half of North Queensland.

The first place I have visited was Billabong Sanctuary and I was very much excited seeing the Kangaroos, Koalas, Wombats, Cassowary, Possum, Dingo, Crocodiles and variety of birds moving around. I had a great and unique experience of feeding the birds and kangaroos.

The most popular and attractive place in Townsville which I visited was the Strand and the exotic beauty is mind-blowing. I usually visit Strand beach during weekends and love to sit in the beach and enjoy the cool breeze. It is wonderful to see the people walking, jogging, and taking their dogs for walk and the children playing around enjoying the water which splashes from the big bucket in Strand.

The next trip was at Reef HQ which is one of the world’s largest Coral Reef Aquarium and was overwhelmed to see the different types of colourful fish of various size and shapes, turtles and the Corals which was amazing. The Tropical Museum has a great collection of different things and shows videos which is very informative as well as interesting and moreover the museum is situated just on the bank of the Ross River so I enjoyed taking a cup of Cappuccino.

The Castle Hill, located very near to my house, is the place from were the whole city can be viewed and at night especially it looks like the small stars glittering because of the dazzling lights. The beauty of Townsville can be enjoyed by spending time at Castle Hill. The journey to the Magnetic Island by ferry is a wonderful experience. It takes just half an hour to reach from the city. Magnetic Island is an enormous Island with mountains and beaches all around. Bikes and car can be hired to see the place and also the bus service is there which takes from one Bay to another. The different beach has its own charm, beauty and speciality. Nelly Bay is the ship terminus and from there the bus service can be availed. Horseshoe Bay is the place where people take various rides like boating, Jet Ski and enjoy doing swimming. Arcadia Bay, people usually enjoy taking delicious and authentic food and then everybody feels pretty kind of laid back. At the time of dusk, it is wonderful to enjoy by walking and sitting in the beach.

There are quite number of shopping malls like Stockland, Centro, Willows, Castletown and Domain Central were everything is available and among all Domain central is the biggest.

The weather in Townsville is very pleasant from May to October. Though it has been just 10 months I am residing in Townsville but it seems as if I am staying for past few years.

I would like to conclude by saying that Townsville is “The land of Beauty”.


Readers Cafe said...

Just need to change the name of town then same thing can be written or used for so many cities in these developed countries.

Aparna said...

Seems like a very pretty place. I have never been to Australia. Your words and pictures made me really want to visit the place.

manu said...

sunder photo..

shanky said...

hmmmmmmm nc pics .. thnx for information n one more thing keep updating bcoz i hv never visited out side india .k by n hv nc day. :)

RAJ SINH said...

wow ! beautifullllllllll !

babali , yet never been to few continents this continent included .(others being north and south pole, iceland etc. )
and as always gret narration !

satish kundan said...

After reading this post really i realize that Townsville is “The land of Beauty”.